Yikes IV: or LLL Writes a 4th Poem

I’m doing this poem thing. Sorry.


The Thing About Prophecy

The meadow path wends toward the mountain
or the mountain path ambles toward the meadow.
With prophecy,
it can sometimes be hard to know. You might

need to take along a sturdy sword
or a dead, stiff carp,
and I’m definitely seeing leaves, twigs, and stumps
in your path.


Those are seashells, waves, and shrimp. You’re headed
toward the shore. And at the edge
of our land
you’ll meet a man
or a woman
and s/he’ll bid you board
his/her vessel
which will be a longship or a galleon or a canoe.

From there, you’ll sail toward the dragon’s lair
or the kraken’s cave


No. Damn. No. It’s definitely a meadow path
wending toward the mountains
that I see. And a troll who you may

or may not

be able to slay.



deleted lines

Best get

on your way now. There’s a storm coming
and you don’t want to get caught in it.

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