Acceptance 11: Nanoism


Nanoism is a Twitter-based magazine that I enjoy reading. Here’s what they’re all about, from their site:

Nanoism (edited by Ben White) is an online publication for twitter-fiction: stories of up to 140 characters. Shorter than traditional flash fiction, it’s both a challenge to write and quick as a blink to read. Call it nanofiction, microfiction, twiction, twisters, or tweetfic—it doesn’t matter: it’s the perfect art form for the bleeding edge of the internet revolution.

We’re not just catering to the 21st-century attention span, we’re publishing flexible fiction: stories that you can read on your computer or cellphone, stories that fit in the cracks of your day.

I subbed to them about a month ago, and I got this acceptance letter this evening, upon returning home from The Dark Night Rises (rewatch).

Thanks for submitting. I enjoyed this one and how much it was able to say, in some sense, about the time we live in and how we interact. I’m publishing it right now.

You can find it on their site, of course. Or on their Twitter (follow them). As well, I’ve embedded it here.

I enjoy flash, and Twitter flash is especially fun. I hope you enjoy this tiny piece of literature.


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